Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Operation Hibiscus: The Truth(?), But Not The WHOLE Truth

For some time now, despite intimidation and threats from the Police and Scarborough Borough Council, the North Yorks Enquirer has been pursuing the truth.

We have consistently alleged that there was a major paedophile-ring operating in Scarborough from 1947 until about 2009 and that it included Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli, the Mayor of Scarborough. We have alleged that his ring was the most successful paedophile ring in British criminal history, was connected to the Westminster paedophile ring, operated far beyond North Yorkshire, had international connections and was involved in trafficking and enticing young people into prostitution. It was successful because Jaconelli was protected by North Yorkshire Police, because he was a Scarborough Borough Councillor, County Councillor, millionaire businessman, Mayor, leading Scarborough Citizen who was a School Governor and ran the local Judo Club.

Operation Hibiscus, the investigation into these allegations, has now reported. North Yorkshire Police has now been forced to publicly admit that the most successful and longest-running paedophile-ring in British criminal history peacefully co-existed with North Yorkshire Police in Scarborough for forty years. It included Britain`s most prolific rapists and sex offenders Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli, was connected to the Westminster paedophile-ring and operated openly with the full knowledge of North Yorkshire Police. The Force’s failure to arrest any of the members over the course of fifty years of relatively open offending, despite numerous complaints and reports, was inexcusable, a national scandal and deeply corrupt.

We believe that, over the course of its existence from 1947 until about 2009, the ring had thousands of victims and was much bigger and worse than the Rotherham or Rochdale rings.  (more...)

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