Thursday, December 11, 2014

What Does a Feminist Video Game Look Like? Sex game makes sex trade real

'The Oldest Game' is a web-based newsgame that allows the player to
take on the role of a sex trade worker.
Sex work is work, and sex workers are people.

To many people, that sentence is a radical statement. Our cultural attitudes surrounding sex work are complicated. Many believe prostitution is inherently exploitative and all sex workers are victims. Discussions surrounding sex work are often framed in moral terms, not labour terms. Sex workers, meanwhile, are thought of as dirty, amoral bad girls who put themselves in harm's way -- or, worse, devalued, dehumanized and viewed as disposable. Which is why Robert Pickton was able to kill Vancouver sex workers and feed them to his pigs before authorities noticed.

Challenging -- and ultimately changing -- people's attitudes about sex and sex work is what a team at Montreal's Concordia University is hoping to do with The Oldest Game, a web-based newsgame (a type of video game that literally combines gaming and journalism) that seeks to show how the newly enacted and widely criticized Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act will affect the lives of sex workers in Canada.  (more...)

Sorry ladies, but this is going to sell a lot more:

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