Monday, December 29, 2014

S2D: Five TDSB scandals ignored by the mainstream media in 2014

It was another rough year for the Toronto District School Board.

The TDSB chair resigned in June, citing "personal reasons."  It had previously been revealed that tens of thousands of school funds were re-directed by him to his personal charity.  Then, in the weeks leading up to the municipal elections, it was revealed that trustees tried to tamper with freedom of information requests.  That's not a surprise, given the trustees' outrageous expenses -- such as Gerri Gershon's $3,700 trip to Israel, which she was inexplicably allowed to bill the taxpayers for.  Sheila Ward had taxpayers pay for $300 in tours and $400 in food in San Francisco, after a conference she attended there had already ended.  In November, an outgoing trustee was charged with criminal harassment.  And of course, 2014 brought us more TDSB sex abuse scandals.

These stories, along with the many other scandals reported in the media, were just the tip of the iceberg.  However, lots of scandals went unreported.  (more...)

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