Saturday, December 13, 2014

Some of Toronto's councilors are the real "pimps and johns"

On Dec. 2, 2014, on a City of Toronto letterhead a number of Toronto City councilors wrote to Premier Kathleen Wynne to refer the new anti-prostitution law known as Bill C-36 to the Ontario Court of Appeal. This strategy is to get judges to make decisions for the people of Ontario. Why? So that pimps, johns and all those in the business of sex can defy the legislation passed by parliament. Our elected councilors are essentially trying to find a way to circumvent the law instead of complying with it. They have essentially told the premier to instruct the police not to enforce the law. This is not only illegal, but it's totally wrong and undemocratic.

In the letter, the councilors try to make the case that Bill C-36 will be “dangerous for sex workers” and “will create harms that previously existed under the old laws.” They have no evidence for this contention. The councilors are merely responding to the activists and lobbyists that want the selling of sex and the satus-quo to continue.  (more...)

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