Friday, December 12, 2014

Ottawa Gay Pride leader pleads guilty to sexual extortion of 16-year-old boy

Ottawa homosexual activist Elliott Youden has pled guilty to extorting money from a 16-year-old youth who stabbed him after they engaged in oral sex.

Youden, who in recent years sat on the board of Capital Pride, the organization that runs the annual gay parade, drew police attention when he reported the youth’s knife assault. But after police got the suspect’s side of the story, they charged Youden with aggravated assault, because they knew he was HIV-positive from a previous case and allegedly did not tell the youth, and with extortion.

While they dropped the aggravated assault charge, police pursued him on extortion. Youden first arranged a date in September with the youth, who he met via the Internet. When the youth got cold feet, Youden threatened him with exposure unless he paid $500. The youth could only scrape up $200. When he brought this to Youden’s apartment, Youden persuaded him to have oral sex (without disclosing he had HIV), after which the mortified young man stabbed him.

But before this case could come to trial, Youden pled guilty to extortion, while the assault charge was dropped. Youden was sentenced to two years suspended and 90 days already served in jail  (more...)

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