Saturday, December 27, 2014

First Shots Fired in an Ideological War of Pedophiles

Or, should we say The Anglo-American Empire Strikes Back

This article re-blogged from American Thinker marks the beginning of a counter-offensive by rightists against an uncontrollable scandal in the UK that has mostly disadvantaged the ruling Tories, who have ineptly tried to let the conflagration die out. This view from the right fills in many gaps in the story that has been dominated by a left-leaning media till now:

Peter Hayman, High Commissioner
in Canada 1970–74
The Cambridge Spies in Britain were the most destructive spy network of the Cold War. Soviet intelligence recruited lifelong moles among students at Cambridge University, who went on to careers in British intelligence and even Buckingham Palace. The Soviets used a simple recruiting strategy, aided by Communist professors who served as talent spotters, along with radical Leftists like Sidney and Beatrice Webb.

The Cambridge Five spies were young homosexuals at a time when active gay sex was illegal and often a source of great personal shame and social stigma. In one famous case, mathematician Alan Turing was arrested for homosexual acts, and given dangerous hormone treatments until he ultimately committed suicide.

Sexual abuse of children is still a deep violation of our morality, and it is actively prosecuted in Western countries. The lifelong trauma that early sexual abuse can inflict should be obvious to sane and reasonable adults. But our laws against pedophilia also give hostile regimes a chance to blackmail active pedophiles.

Many Muslim cultures celebrate adult male sex with underage children; homosexual aggression is quite acceptable, as long as it is practiced by powerful males on younger and weaker ones. For one historical example, Lawrence of Arabia made allies for Britain among Arab desert tribes against the Turks during World War I. But it is less well known that Lawrence was also anally raped by some of his Arab friends.

Just as raping women is acceptable in Shari’a for male aggressors but not for female victims, the same “logic” applies to dominant adult males and children.

Some of Europe’s 44 million Muslim immigrants brought their native practices with them. Add to that the corrupting power of Gulf oil money in Europe’s politics and the supremacist theology of Wahhabi and Khomeinist Islam, and you have all the makings of widespread European child abuse, aided and abetted by Jihadist infiltration into the police, the schools and government agencies, huge amounts of bribery, massive government-media coverups, and blackmail threats against any potential witnesses.  (more...)

Excellent side-light in a film noir set of one side of the dialectic, but omitting any reference to the huge involvement of organized crime, the role of national security services in suppressing the press and local police, collusion of rightists with the oil cartel, Margaret Thatcher's fierce protection of members of her own political clique, and Theresa May's posturing and never-ending disruption of attempts to form an inquiry. It's also interesting that American rightists are rallying to the defense of their British counterparts. What is their dog in this unwinnable fight?

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