Thursday, December 18, 2014

Great reader discussion on child predators in Ontario

From the comments stream:
I want to know why the Liberals will not let the Ombudsman OR anyone else go near the CAS, and why Liberal Minister Glen Murray fought to prevent any such investigations into the agencies, considering the harrowing reports of sex abuse in foster care and other areas, it is deeply troubling and very bizarre. 
Marin cannot enforce legally binding recommendations, but he could have probed the system for systemic issues that contribute to the abuse of children to prevent further abuse in the future. Any recommendations would have been debated, but he has been totally barred from going near this. 
The Liberals have done everything they can to keep this entire area totally off limits, that in itself is very strange and totally freakish. 
Wynne has no problem cavorting around with sex workers in a plight to protect them, yet she has NO regard to children being abused in foster care, adoption, and group homes whatsoever, and she refuses as did McGuinty to even acknowledge any level of abuse, let alone doing something to stop it!

Much more in this article:

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