Monday, December 15, 2014

Calgary and Edmonton Catholic bishops pen letters on GSAs

Calgary’s Roman Catholic Bishop Fred Henry called the mandating of GSAs 'problematic.'
Calgary’s Roman Catholic Bishop Fred Henry and Edmonton Archbishop Richard Smith have added their voices to the debate surrounding Bill 10, the controversial legislation about student-led gay-straight alliances (GSAs).

Premier Jim Prentice announced on Dec. 4 that the bill had been put on hold to allow for more consultation, after the legislation caused explosive debate in the legislature and on social media.

After remaining silent throughout the debate, both Henry and Smith penned pastoral letters that were distributed to congregants on Sunday. Henry said he wrote his letter to address the "considerable misinformation and misrepresentation" of the views of Alberta Catholic school trustees, superintendents and the Alberta bishops.

In the letter, Henry called Bill 10 "a win-win for everyone" because it enshrined parental rights, recognized the autonomy of local school boards and student rights without mandating gay-straight alliances in schools.

“The mandating of Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs) is problematic for a number of reasons,” Henry wrote.

Edmonton Archbishop Smith echoed that message in his letter, stating that the goal of safe and inclusive schools can be achieved in many ways.  (more...)

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