Thursday, December 18, 2014

Advice from South Asian Canadians: Kathleen – Keep your sex education plan in your bag

The Liberal government is reportedly reintroducing an updated version of the sex education curriculum for Ontario schools. which was withdrawn in 2010 because of objections from religious leaders and the public.
Earlier proposed to be introduced in 2010, the plan had then been withdrawn because of objections from religious leaders and the public.

The reintroduced sex education curriculum will teach children about homosexuality and same-sex marriages right from Grade 3; encourage discussions about puberty, including masturbation, in Grade 6; and talk about preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in Grade 7 — besides information about oral and anal sex.
Premier Kathleen Wynne, sorry to say this, but let me point out: You are going to provide education about same sex, but during your own predecessor Premier Dalton McGuinty’s tenure, one of his own ministers was gay and he’d thought it wise to not educate his own member of caucus. Perhaps it’d be better to start with educating your own Liberal caucus, all presumably adult members, than experimenting on innocent kids.  (more...)

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