Saturday, April 12, 2014

Politicians call for drastic change after a judge’s indictment of the London Children’s Aid Society

Opposition critics have pounced on a judge’s scathing indictment of London’s Children’s Aid Society as proof the province’s child welfare system needs drastic change.

“It is definitely evidence why we need independent oversight over the Children’s Aid Society (CAS),” Monique Taylor, the NDP’s child and youth services critic, said Friday.

“We definitely know that these things go on. To my knowledge, it’s the first time a judge has come out with this type of language . . . on what went on in this case.”

The Conservatives repeated calls for a review of the system, stopping short of agreeing with the NDP that the ombudsman should be given the power to oversee the child welfare system.

“The whole children’s area needs to be reviewed and (it should be decided) what is working and isn’t working and make the changes that ensure children are always the first priority,” said child and youth services critic Bill Walker.

“It certainly didn’t seem there was a lot of thorough investigation done on all sides of the issue (London case),’’ said Walker, MPP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound. ‘‘They took one side and pushed that. There needs to be a check and balance in that process.”  (more...)

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