Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Time to fix Canada’s anti-Palestinian tax code


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At the start of the month Sylvan Adams gave US$100 million to Ben-Gurion University. During a Toronto gala for the university’s Canadian fundraising branch the Canadian billionaire announced the money for “rebuilding and strengthening the south … in the wake of the Oct. 7th attack against Israel’s southern border communities.” Over the past ten weeks United Israel Appeal Canada has raised $100 million. After a recent Jewish National Fund of Canada fundraiser the registered charity’s executive Director Jeff Springer said, “We raised money for the war during this event.”

Throughout its history flare ups in Israeli violence has prompted an outpouring of financial assistance from Canadian Zionists. A significant share of that money has been underwritten by the public.

The Canadian tax code has long been used to subsidize projects in Israel and pro-apartheid groups have received large amounts in public grants. While little discussed, the ‘Zionifaction’ of charitable status is Canada’s most significant contribution to Palestinian dispossession.

Canadians provide a massive, unique, subsidy to Israel. About a hundreds of million dollars a year in public money is funneled to a country that has long committed the crime of apartheid and tens of millions of dollars more goes to groups promoting anti-Palestinian policies within Canada.

Benefiting from the ability to grant tax credits covering as much as half of a donation, registered charities finance projects in Israel as well as Canada’s apartheid lobby. Additionally, many Canadian apartheid lobby groups receive direct government grants.  (more...)

Time to fix Canada’s anti-Palestinian tax code

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