Tuesday, December 19, 2023

National Post uses biased poll to push for deportations of Palestine liberation supporters


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The National Post is using biased, exclusionary Leger and Postmedia polls to justify the call for a policy of deportation for supporters of Hamas, in particular, and Palestinian resistance in general.

The National Post also wants to ensure children are indoctrinated throughout the Canadian school system to support capitalism, Canada as a British colony, and the ‘rules based’ white supremacist order. Loyalty tests should also be administered on new migrants, according to The National Post, thus ending the charade of their supposed support for ‘universal free speech’, ‘freedom of expression’, and ‘freedom of association’. 

The latest set of writers calling for these overtly fascist policies include:

  • Frank Stronach, the Founder and Honorary Chair of Magna International, a company with over $38 billion CAD in sales. 
  • Terry Glavin, who was awarded a colonial Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence in 2009. 
  • Tristin Hopper, a 38-year-old veteran colonialist journalist comfortable in mainstream pro-colonial press (as a side note, also a failed Senate applicant). 
  • Michael Higgins, a 22 year veteran at the National Post and Former Politics Editor and Senior Editor. 
  • Tasha Kheiriddin, a 26 year veteran commentator, who characterises anti-colonial struggle as an ‘authoritarian’ attack on democracy in an infamous essay on substack justifying the ‘democratic genocide’.

Many ‘mainstream’ journalists have revealed themselves to be shameless liars and propagandists serving the settler colonial ambitions of NATO in Palestine. One mainstream journalist (though no supporter of Palestine liberation), Owen Jones, was courageous enough to reveal what actually happened during the November 23, 2023, screening from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). He exposed the fact that there was no actual rape footage (15:01-15:51). He also exposed the fact that there was no footage of massacres at all, simply dead body showcases, effectively debunking all of the fiction justifying the current actions of genocide by Israel.

It should also be noted that bodies were stolen from Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza by the IDF prior to the viewing, shortly after the hospital was bombed. Just before the screening was aired, the bodies were returned to the hospital. So, in essence, the IDF used bodies from the Hospitals to showcase the ‘crimes’ to these so-called journalists.  (more...)

National Post uses biased poll to push for deportations of Palestine liberation supporters

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