Friday, December 8, 2023

More Skulduggery by the legal machine & monster in Ottawa


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While the legal machine and monster try to hide their wrongdoing and shameful behaviour-they also want me to go along with their skullduggery.

This week the Ottawa Crown pulled out a few more dirty tricks trying to stack the deck in their favour. Now they want 2 Judges on my case- a trial judge & a case management judge.

The Crown also want to hire 2 more lawyers in addition to the 2 they have already. One to be an Amicus Curiea "Friend of the court" and because they don't want me to cross examine the "alleged victims" a section 486.3 lawyer. 

interestingly now after nearly 2 years the Crown finally found another 4 hours of video evidence that they had inadvertently "misplaced" 

The crown is really fearful of me exposing their trickery and dirty tricks and are now asking the courts for a complete ban not just on pretrial evidence but also a ban on the proceedings. For nearly two years the Crown has tried to keep me silent, while the machine spews out a constant stream of falsehoods and propaganda as they taint the jury pool in Ottawa with dishonesty over COVID, jabs and peaceful protests.

But the Crown must be in the Christmas spirit as they have relented and agreed to relax some of my bail conditions.

Although my next court appearance isn't scheduled for February 12 2025, much more will be happening between now and then as we fight the Machine & Monster, stay tuned.

Have a very Merry Christmas

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