Saturday, December 16, 2023

Portrait of a fanatically pro-Israel Canadian town


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The mayor of an exclusive Montréal suburb is okay with Israel killing 100,000 Palestinian children since “good needs to prevail over evil”.

At a recent event with the Israeli consul of Montréal, I asked Hampstead mayor Jeremy Levi if he supported a ceasefire to release the Israelis held by Hamas. Despite the inner suburb passing a special measure to protect posters about the hostages, the mayor said no.

I then questioned whether “you support killing 8,000 Palestinian children?” to which Levi responded, “I would never support that, it’s terrible. But Israel has to do whatever they have to do to ensure the safety and security of their own people.”

My response was “even if 20,000 Palestinian children were killed, you’d still support Israel?” Levi replied, “Hamas needs to be eradicated.” Pressing on, I enquired if he’d support “50,000 Palestinian children killed?” Levi responded, “No, it’s terrible, but there’s no other way. My heart goes out to all the other innocent people who have suffered in this tragedy. But good needs to prevail over evil.”

I pushed further asking, “So 100,000 Palestinian children killed, you’d still support that?” Levi replied, “You can give me all kinds of numbers, my answer is still going to be the same. Israel needs to eradicate Hamas.”

My response was, “So you support Israel no matter what it does?” to which Levi replied, “I support Israel.” Prompting me to query, “No matter what it does?” Levi: “Until the end. Until Hamas is [sic] victorious, I support Israel.”

More than a 1.2 million have watched the exchange on X and thousands more on other social media platforms. The Montreal Gazette, RT and others reported on it. In response Levi released a statement saying, “I want to express my unwavering support for Israel while acknowledging the tragic loss of innocent lives in the ongoing conflict.”  (more...)

Portrait of a fanatically pro-Israel Canadian town

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