Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Ukraine Grenade Attack Heralds Coming Terror Wave


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On December 15th, horrific footage began circulating widely. In it, an individual bursts into a crowded local Ukrainian council meeting in Keretsky, Zakarpattia Oblast, then casually scatters grenades across the room, which duly detonate within seconds. The BBC reported 26 individuals were injured in the ensuing blast, six of them severely, while one was killed. The shocking story almost immediately vanished from mainstream view, and details remain sketchy.

Nonetheless, Britain’s state broadcaster astonishingly asserted that while “many Ukrainians have access to weaponry due to the war with Russia,” there was “no evidence yet that the attack was related to the conflict.” Oleksii Arestovych, once key adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, now vying for his former employer’s position, begged to differ. In an extended post on X (formerly Twitter), based on “information that requires clarification,” he succinctly elucidated how the shocking incident resulted directly from Moscow’s February 2022 invasion.

Arestovych alleged the culprit was a local representative of Zelensky’s ruling Servant of the People party. Conscripted into the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ 128th Brigade, he fought the Russian army, before receiving a disability discharge. Upon returning from the front line, he “sought social assistance,” which was unforthcoming. Nonetheless, the ailing veteran “found a way to attract attention to himself” - by carrying out the grenade attack.

If Arestovych’s account is accurate, then what transpired is surely but the first of countless many similar incidents to come - not merely in Ukraine, but Europe too. Now Kiev is on the verge of being comprehensively abandoned by its proxy sponsors, betrayal lies imminently ahead for countless individuals. Equipped with extensive battlefield experience, able to access weapons of war and trained in their use, and quite understandably embittered, a mighty whirlwind will inevitably be reaped.  (more...)

Ukraine Grenade Attack Heralds Coming Terror Wave

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