Sunday, August 28, 2022

Fascism’s Trans Human Face


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Adolf Hitler’s elite SS Leibstandarte kick started today’s Transgender™ industry when they dressed as drag queens in the 1942 film Die Große Liebe (The Great Love), featuring Zarah Leander, one of the Führer’s favorite film stars. Hitler, as a glance at those he had killed in his Night of the Long Knives to cover up his male prostitution years in Vienna and his incestuous relationship with Geli Raubal, his own niece (who suicided to escape him), was as camp as the SA thugs his SS thugs dispatched. From a Nazi point of view, however, Adolf Hitler’s elite SS Leibstandarte drag queens were in the best of company.

And, though Hitler’s SS Leibstandarte gender benders were obviously fine physical specimens, even better male specimens are today transitioning to females where they are winning all kinds of sex segregated sports that were once the preserve of girls and women and bringing us a bizarre clone of Huxley’s Brave New World, fascism with a trans human face.

Paddy Trimble typifies many of our new trans activists. Paddy orally and anally raped two nine-year-old girls. When Paddy was jailed for his “political offences”, Paddy called himself Patricia and campaigned for trans rights. Vice Magazine is, predictably, among Patricia’s many mainstream supporters. Now that Patricia has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, Patricia campaigns to be transferred to the hog’s heaven of a woman’s prison and for Patricia’s fellow transgender prisoners to be recognized as prisoners of conscience and victims of the patriarchy. Patricia has convinced Adam Laboucan, Andrew Burns and countless other incarcerated dirt bags that they too are transgenders in need of an easier ride in hog heaven. These trans women, it seems, make much better and much more inclusive women than wizened hags like Hillary Clinton, Mary Robinson and Ursula von der Leyen, who made their fortunes masquerading as champions of women against the patriarchy that has always spoiled them.  (more...)

Fascism’s Trans Human Face

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