Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The Warsaw Uprising & Battle Of Mariupol Have Nothing In Common


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Duda has sought to merge Poland and Ukraine into a de facto confederation since his historic trip to Kiev in late May, to which end his government is actively inventing new so-called “national myths” to justify this geopolitical project aimed at legitimizing his country’s regional hegemonic goal. The latest one is that the Warsaw Uprising and Battle of Mariupol are supposedly the same even though this isn’t factually true.

Polish President Duda disrespected the Warsaw Uprising by comparing it to the Battle of Mariupol during his speech at a photo exhibition of both events. He asked, “How similar are those photographs? How identical is the bestiality of those who kill, demolish and destroy the lives of innocent people? These photographs are disturbing, some of them very much so, but they reflect the disturbing reality of Warsaw during World War II, especially during the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, when fighting was under way here and when the Germans were ruthlessly killing civilian residents in the Polish capital. And sadly today’s Russian invasion of Ukraine is similarly ruthless.”

Regardless of his counterfactual rhetoric, these two events have nothing in common. The Warsaw Uprising was carried out by Poles against their genocidal Nazi occupiers who had already slaughtered six million of them in the span of less than six years, many of whom were exterminated at the many Nazi death camps that the fascist forces established on occupied Polish territory. The Battle of Mariupol, by contrast, was fought by Neo-Nazis against the anti-fascist alliance of Russia and the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). Neither Moscow nor its regional ally committed genocide against the locals unlike those Ukrainian forces who’ve been carrying out such crimes for over the past eight years.  (more...)

The Warsaw Uprising & Battle Of Mariupol Have Nothing In Common

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