Saturday, August 6, 2022

The Globe And Mail Just Published Neo-Nazi Propaganda


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A profile in the newspaper focusing on a Ukrainian neo-Nazi group uncritically includes its subject’s description of them as ‘heroes.’

Today, The Globe and Mail published a short profile of the wife of a colonel in the Azov Battalion. It’s a disturbing article, and functions as outright neo-Nazi propaganda, regardless of the reporter’s intent.

As I wrote earlier this year, “In May 2014, amidst the unrest in Ukraine, the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion was formed as a civilian paramilitary group to combat Russian separatists. The organization has never been shy about its Nazi links and ideology. For example, in a 2015 interview with USA Today, a drill sergeant with the group ‘admitted he is a Nazi and said with a laugh that no more than half his comrades are fellow Nazis.’”

The Azov Battalion is undeniably a neo-Nazi group. And yet, here are a couple quotes about the group in the Globe article from Kateryna Prokopenko, the colonel’s wife:

  • “It’s important to break all the myths about Azov Regiment because they are real heroes. They are not Nazis. They are just normal guys.”
  • “Azov is the most motivated, most patriotic unit in Ukraine.”

If the Globe wanted to include such quotes from the wife of a colonel in a neo-Nazi group, they would, at the very minimum, need to fact check and push back on them. The article doesn’t do that. This is the only comment the writer has on the matter: “The unit has controversial links to far-right ideology but it was incorporated into the regular Ukrainian army years ago.”  (more...)

The Globe And Mail Just Published Neo-Nazi Propaganda


Canadian Media Is Happy To Risk Arming Neo-Nazis In Ukraine

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