Monday, August 15, 2022

Lyme disease and the SS Elbrus


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We are doing a deep dive into the SS, Dr. Mengele the SS Elbrus and Lyme disease. Also the US governments involvement in covering up the origin of this disease. Live with author Rachel Verdon.

The photos hold a striking similarity to Dr. Josef Mengele. Who was this man, a mild mannered I.G. Farben POW escaping Beketovka's poison gas factory; or Auschwitz's infamous Angle of Death seeking Western asylum? New evidence proves these  photos are of Josef Mengele matched with 8 newphotos of the Auschwitz angel of death in the Karl Hoecker Album. Yes, Josef Mengele was here in the United States, but in what capacity did he serve, the Defense Department, or the Health Department as an expert tracking Lyme disease and multiple sclerosis?'

What had Adjutant Mengele witnessed at Katyn in 1940 while serving the Waffen Pruf 9 Nebeltruppen's decontamination missions deep inside Russia?  His expertise on both poison gas and tick borne diseases of the nervous system made him a hot commodity both East and West. Follow the fur, 426 tons of uninsured slaughtered wildlife and livestock atop the SS Elbrus leading a fleet of Flying Dutchmen and ponder a communist/fascist plot to cripple humanity and dope the belligerents. Here is a 60 year international conspiracy of silence driving international terrorism, cranking the meat-grinder of war, not in God's name, but the devil's.

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