Monday, November 15, 2021

Vaccine Development and Social Control: A Psychopathology of Impaired Reasoning in the Global Push for Mass Compliance

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History and observation reveal a close relationship between investment and what we perceive to be the promise of subsequent profit. Set against the backdrop of the vaccine information war waged by centers of power against populations around the world, this essay presents a critical analysis of key concepts, forms of reasoning, and associated actors on the global stage framing the issues of the current COVID-19 global vaccination experiment. To develop a deeper understanding of how power centers shape the leading concepts of genetic code as a computer program, the author integrates research in cognitive science and communication theory to analyze how concepts are normalized and formed in the production of vaccines and why conditioning the public mind to accept the global program is necessary. The author considers how definitions of keywords today, such as “immunity,” “vaccine,” and “pharmacy,” have developed over time and what these terms have come to mean to transnational investors and stakeholders constructing a so-called bio-secure global economy.


Save for the avowed selfless few, people tend not to invest time or money in the development of a practice, product, person, or service if they suspect they will not likely benefit in some way. History and observation apprise us of self-evident facts concerning the relationship between investment and the perceived promise of eventual payoff. Ruthless businessmen, for example, will forfeit their souls and social relations to invest great time and effort in honing time-honored techniques in the manufacturing of false desires for dangerous or patently useless products. The snake oil salesman of yesterday might remind us in many ways of the major manufacturers and marketers of the most sinister medicinal applications today. Entire industries of transnational interest, scarcely accountable to the laws of any nation, have captured huge sectors of many economies as the global boom in medical experimentation continues turning humans into unsuspecting research subjects. With such developments have come momentous political influence and untold ability to buy lawmakers and democratic institutions long thought to be accountable only to “we the people.”  (more...)

Vaccine Development and Social Control:A Psychopathology of Impaired Reasoning in the Global Push for Mass Compliance

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