Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Challenge the Charter and Use the Bill to Stop Communism


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The method the communist/globalists are using to take over this country is a subversive strategy. To pull it off they have to do it legally so that the police and military can be turned against us. This strategy includes destabilizing the country and demoralizing the people through methods of trauma-based mind control called psychological operations or psyops. This is done through infiltration of our government and main institutions including the press and social media. Basically, the psyop is meant to scare us into submission by making us think the communists have captured us and we have no rights. The communist take-over strategy includes a long-standing plan to use the Charter to make the moves legal. The Charter was introduced by communist/globalist former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau in 1982. They want to be able to establish that the government can snap away your rights any time they think they have a good reason. The first crack at removing our rights is the Covid-19 measures which start with an emergency and end up being where your rights can be stripped away at any suggestion of risk, but not proven risk. They are not using Covid-19 measures; now they are using The Health Protection and Promotion Act with the use of the courts to shut your businesses and churches down because the police would not use Covid-19 bylaws to shut them down. No longer do they have to claim a worldwide emergency pandemic; they only have to say the public health doctor thinks there ‘may be a risk”. Then they can make the police use force by court order. This newfound power can be used to force treatment, remove you or children or your home to hospitals or other facilities etc. But don’t worry we can still defeat this diabolical plan with common law rights and other rights codified in law like the Canadian Bill of Rights.  (more...)

Challenge the Charter and Use the Bill to Stop Communism


The fraud of Trudeau's constitution

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