Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Synarchist-Terrorist Fifth Column in France


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Prior to the May-June 1940 period of the Nazi invasion of France, a Synarchist fifth column within the French government had prepared a plan to let Hitler enter the country, without opposition, through the Ardennes region, and flank the French defense forces with precisely the rapid tank deployments that the French government had rejected from the plan of Charles de Gaulle.

Strategically speaking, the success of the Synarchist plan of a German invasion required that the best French troops be sent into Belgium, in order for them to be cut off from the rest of the French Army, and captured from the rear. This policy implied, therefore, that the Maginot Line should not be extended to the sea, but that a gap be left open in the northern corridor region of the Ardennes for the invaders to come through. French military leader Marshal Henri Pétain had vetoed an appropriation for the extension of the Maginot Line called for by the government of Edouard Daladier (1938-40)—an extension precisely aimed at closing that northern Belgian corridor. Daladier lost the vote.

Consequently, in April 1940, a tactical gap had been created between Charleville and Sedan, that is, between the Maginot Line and the Weygand Line of defense. The command center of the French Army made sure that the Sedan entry point would not be closed or defended. During a period of three days, the German command pushed through that gap no less than 70 divisions and 3,500 tank units. At the Riom Trials (abortive trials of French leaders by the Vichy government in 1942), Colonel Rivet confirmed that the French Headquarters was aware, on April 20, 1940, that the Sedan-Charleville gap was going to be the entry point of the German invasion, and that Commander Watteau's artillery group had been forbidden to establish anti-tank defense on the narrow corridor where the Germans invaded. According to a French investigative reporter, Robert Husson, the official court report stated:

"The road through the Ardennes which represents the only access to the gap of Charleville and Sedan, was kept open deliberately for the invasion, and the fortifications were destroyed in May of 1940 by the orders of the G.Q.G. of the Second Army, General Huntziger" (The Watteau report at the Riom Trials).

General Huntziger was the Synarchist Vichy military commander who later signed the Armistice with Hitler. As a result of this deal made between the French Synarchist fifth column and Hitler, the Nazi invasion of France was so successful that after only two weeks of penetration, in May 1940, the British and French forces had been pushed all the way to the English Channel, and the German offensive was suddenly halted. Hitler and Churchill made a deal to save the British and French troops at Dunkirk because, had the British troops been taken prisoner, Hitler would have won World War II, right then and there. However, the Synarchy plan was not to win an early war, but to wage perpetual warfare. The British troops were spared to fight another day.  (more...)

Synarchist-Terrorist Fifth Column in France

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