Friday, November 12, 2021

The Anglo-Dutch corporate empire


Anglo-Dutch empire finance corporations London oligarchy

The 3,000 to 5,000 financier-oligarchs who comprise the ruling council of the new British Empire, own and manage the affairs of an interlocking corporate apparatus that dominates "choke points" within the global economy, especially finance, insurance, raw materials, transportation, and consumer goods. This cartel is known as the Club of the Isles; its center of policy making and power is the one square mile known as the City of London.

The Club of the Isles has expanded its control over the financial and corporate affairs of Germany, France, and other continental European states. Switzerland and the Netherlands have historically been integrated into the London centered imperium. Although there are occasional disputes and rivalries within the ranks of the Club, for the most part, this vast, global structure of corporations, banks, etc. functions as a single geopolitical entity, at war with the nation state system. As Katharine West wrote in a report for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, "To understand the reality as opposed to the rhetoric of British involvement in European and non-European economies, it is better to study what companies do rather than what politicians say."

What follows are profiles of the most important corporations within the Windsor/Club of the Isles apparatus today.   (more...)

The Anglo-Dutch corporate empire


Club of the Isles

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