Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Treaty of Trianon: Birth of a Lawless and Vengeful Oligarchy

What happened when a dispossessed nobility got "laid off", "made redundant", "sacked"? They didn't roll over and accept their fate as newly-made commoners, subject to the law and accountable like the unwashed masses. They slunk away into secret societies to plot their return as tyrants and despots. They became the hidden hand behind the userous bankers and revolutionary movements. They funded and guided the rise of Hitler and the Nazi party. They organized unaccountable secret services, stay-behind armies, death squads, false flag terrorism, and assassinations. They orchestrated economic collapses, pandemics, corporate monopolies, institutional corruption, and social chaos. Order out of chaos? Their "New World Order" is the Old World Order rebranded as a One World Religion. Meet your new masters, same as the old masters.

nobility corruption tyranny crime terrorism Nazi violence war chaos freemasonry totalitarianism lawlessness vengeance

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