Monday, June 22, 2020

Stefano Delle Chiaie: International Fascism and Terrorism From Operation Gladio to Operation Condor

Italy accountability terrorism crime corruption Nazi fascism violence Vatican politics CIA P2 Gladio

The career of Stefano Delle Chiaie illustrates many of the most shocking suppressed truths of the twentieth and twenty first centuries,. He represents the second generation of fascism and was involved in many of the most infamous terror attacks of Italy’s “Years of lead.” Protected by Italian and American intelligence he was never punished for his many crimes. He was part of Operation Gladio NATO’s secret armies which waged covert war on their own countries to prevent any turn to the left. Operation Gladio conducted terrorist attacks that could be blamed on the left. Delle Chiaie was active in secret armies not just in Italy but in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium and Germany. He was a member of the infamous P2 a CIA backed secret society run by Licio Gelli that stretched from Italy to Latin America and that had recruited much of Italy’s intelligence, business, clergy, political, military, media and police leadership. Delle Chiaie’s close friends and colleagues included a who’s who of international fascism Prince Junio Valerio Borghese, Pino Rauti, Otto Skorzeny, Leon Degrelle, Yves Guerin Serac, Klaus Barbie Abdullah Catli and Joachim Fiebelkorn. 

His activities in Portugal and Spain lead him to expand his activities into Africa and Latin America. He was a key member of Aginter Press which aided fascist Portugal in it’s CIA backers in their covert war on Africa assassinating African revolutionaries like Amilcar Cabral in Guinea-Bissau. Often when a fascist coup occurred Delle Chiaie would arrive offering his services.  Fascist Greece, Chile, and Argentina would all hire him to do their dirty work. He signed on with Chilean and Argentine intelligence arranging assassinations for Operation Condor exiles in Europe. When the fascist regimes fell in Spain and Portugal he headed for Latin America joining Chile, Argentina,  and El Salvador’s murderous dirty wars. Finally he would play a key role with Klaus Barbie in organizing Bolivia’s infamous “Cocaine Coup” on behalf of drug barons Roberto Suarez and Luis Arce Gomez (who was named minister of the interior) installing General Luis Garcia Meza as the new president. He became a key figure linking the Latin American drug cartels with Italian Mafia of which he had long had close ties. His life should have made him one of the most infamous figures of the 20th century but instead he is largely unknown outside of researchers into the histories of Operation Gladio or Operation Condor. His career exposes too many scandalous details of the history of the CIA and it’s ties to international fascism, the drug trade and it’s role in waging a brutal world wide covert war on the people of the world involving terrorism, torture and mass murder.  (more...)

Italy accountability terrorism crime corruption Nazi fascism violence Vatican politics CIA P2 Gladio

My impression of Italians was considerably shaped by my college don, who was a kindred spirit of this terrorist. Italy is a most unfortunate country, as are the hosts of many of its diaspora.

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