Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Azov International and the Global “Intermarium Revival”

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In numerous programs, we have noted international networking between the Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion and elements around the world:
  1. Azov is part of the “Intermarium Revival” that is seen as using Nazification of the Ukraine “pivot point” as a springboard for a global Nazi takeover.
  2. American Nazis and white supremacists are among the elements networking with Azov and then “bringing it all back home” to their native lands.
  3. Azov Battalion and Pravy Sektor (“Right Sector”) elements have decamped to Hong Kong, networking with the so-called “Pro-Democracy” forces and working on behalf of EU NGOs.
Azov’s Hong Kong compatriots have adopted the OUN/B slogan, now the official salute of the Ukrainian police and military. ” . . . . The interest has been mutual, with Hong Kong’s ‘democrats’ drawing inspiration from Ukraine’s pro-Western Euromaidan ‘revolution’ that has empowered far-right, fascistic forces. Hong Kong protesters have embraced the slogan ‘Glory to Hong Kong’, adapted from ‘Slava Ukrayini’ or ‘Glory to Ukraine’, a slogan invented by Ukrainian fascists and used by Nazi collaborators during WWII that was re-popularized by the Euromaidan movement. . . . ”

Joshua Wong–“boy wonder” and darling of the American MSM–has doubled down on affinity with Ukraine: ” . . . . ‘No matter the differences between Ukraine and Hong Kong, our fights for freedom and democracy are the same,’ Joshua Wong told The Kyiv Post in 2019. ‘[W]e have to learn from Ukrainians… and show solidarity. Ukraine confronted the force of Russia — we are facing the force of Beijing.’ . . . .”  (more...)


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