Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Great Darkness - The Children of MK-ULTRA

Is the term “Conspiracy of Silence” an exaggeration? What facts and actions are really hidden in the years of The Great Darkness in Quebec? Are some truths best left untold . . . especially when they expose criminal activities against children and implicate the major institutions of society?! What can be said about the falsification of records, illegal internments, sexual abuse, arbitrary lobotomies, repeated electro shocks, making lab rats out of normal children, selling infants, murder and the secretive disposing of bodies, and more . . . ?

The book Collusion: The Dark History of the Duplessis Orphans invites you to weigh the evidence and come to your own conclusion on the thorny issue of the Duplessis Orphans. This is not only a human tragedy on a grand scale in which, at the highest levels, members of governments, the Catholic Church and the psychiatric establishment betrayed an intertwined agenda – it also reflects an ongoing collusion at the heart of society which still refuses to acknowledge its former grave errors. Today many say: “This case is closed.” But is it??

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