Sunday, January 5, 2020

Ecofascism - A New Threat

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The first time many people heard about ecofascism was just after the Christchurch Mosque Shooting on March 15, 2019, after the killer stated he was an "ecofascist" in his manifesto. It was so obscure, and the reference immediately brought to mind the idea of "eco-terrorists," and hardline environmentalists. Unsurprisingly, White House advisor Kellyanne Conway alleged the killer was not a nazi at all, because he claimed to be an ecofascist, although she specifically used the term "eco-terrorist," because she has the integrity of a sock.

The online rhetoric surrounding the term furthered the misunderstandings. Not only does the Canadian Far-Right fail to grasp what ecofascism is, they also apply the label to essentially any environmentalist group, movement, or individual which they find disagreeable.

At its core, ecofascism is the belief that environmental harmony can only be achieved 1) by white people, 2) through the creation of a white ethnostate/homeland and by eradicating overpopulation via deportation and genocide, and 3) by acknowledging the natural world and embracing environmental principles while "rejecting the modern world." If that sounds a bit like nonsense, that's because it is. It draws heavily on mystical and intellectual philosophies/writings by individuals like Savitri Devi, a French national and fascist from a young age who renounced her citizenship to move to Greece, and spent her later years in India.

She is credited with inspiring the neo-Nazi obsession with occultism (like we see with accelerationist groups, as well as esoteric and occultist neo-Nazi groups such as Temple ov Blood and Order of the 9 Angles) and Hindu prophecies, like the Kali Yuga.

It's not surprising that the purported intellectualism of the alt-right/neo-Nazi movements borrow so heavily from people like Savitri, as well as Julius Evola, and Pentti Linkola, the Finnish deep-ecologist often praised on Arktos and Counter-Currents, whose ideas are ecofascist. The philosphies of all three are found consistently threaded throughout.

Even the Nazi slogan "Blood and Soil" is connected to ecofascism, and resonates strongly within the ideology - the nationalistic idea that the race must be protected (blood) by creating a homeland (soil), as is "Lebensraum." A German racialist (Ernst Haeckel) even coined the term "ecology."  (more...)

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