Saturday, April 6, 2019

Nazi Precursors II: IllumiNazi Hohenzollerns

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The Hohenzollern-Prussian coat of arms with the black and white masonic checkerboard
pattern. Freemasonry in Germany was first established in Prussia.
The House of Hohenzollern are an imperial military bloodline that ruled in Germany, Prussia, and Romania. The Hohenzollerns originated from Hechingen, Germany which uses the masonic black and white checkboard pattern for its flag similar to the Hohenzollern coat of arms. They were extensive land owners with castles all over the Holy Roman Empire. Today the President of Germany resides in the Hohezollern's former Bellevue Palace. The House of Hohenzollern are elevated at the top of the masonic Illuminati pyramid. The German word Hohe means height and zoll refers to tolls or tax collection. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which was founded by Nazis is a mediator in fraudulent tax contracts with central banks and has been siphoning off wealth from nations. Walther Funk and Emil Phul were Nazi bankers and original directors for the BIS. The Hohenzollern family have large amounts of wealth concealed in private banks like most royal bloodlines. Their primary function is commanding military operations financed by the Bank for International Settlements which funds covert Nazi style gang stalking in the US and around the world. ... They control society through structural systems. Their basic masonic structure is of a hexagram with and an upward Illuminati pyramid of false light merged with a downward Occult pyramid of false dark creating a hexagram design of control and the Hohenzollern family sit at the top of this Illuminati pyramid as overseers. The royal families refer to themselves as Illuminati. They believe they are illuminated and superior to the rest of society. They are really just fascist murderous, and deceptive psychopaths.  (more...)


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