Saturday, March 2, 2019

Kitchener man, a former supply teacher, imprisoned five years for using Snapchat to prey on girls

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WATERLOO REGION — Victor Ly was a parent's nightmare, a teacher who preyed on children for his sexual pleasure, cajoling and extorting young girls into posing online and sending him explicit photographs and videos.

Over more than a year the Kitchener man contacted at least 171 girls through the Snapchat messaging app, often pretending to be a teen boy. Some were students he taught.

The victims ranged in age from seven to 15. Ly often sent them videos of him ejaculating. He asked some to simulate sexual acts.

He stole their innocence, threatened some, terrorized some, and left them feeling violated, isolated, ashamed and sad, a court in Kitchener was told.

For these crimes he was sentenced Friday to five years in prison. The mother of a 12-year-old victim says that's not long enough to deter others.

"I definitely don't think the message was sent," she said outside a Kitchener courtroom. "This is wrong. This is not allowed. This is our children ...

"As a parent, you should be able to protect your children from this. And you can't."  (more...)

In other Ontario peducation news:

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