Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Family of murder victims Barry and Honey Sherman giving Toronto police tips but learn information flow is a one-way street

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Private detectives working for the children of billionaire murder victims Barry and Honey Sherman are passing tips to police weekly but are frustrated the relationship is not a “two-way street,” says the Sherman family lawyer.

Five months ago, lawyer Brian Greenspan announced a $10 million reward from the Sherman family for information leading to the “apprehension and prosecution” of the murderer or murderers of the Apotex founder and his wife.

“We decided to just pass everything on to police,” Greenspan told the Star, referring to all telephone calls and emails received. “We have made it all available electronically.”

Toronto police spokesperson Meaghan Gray said the police review all information they receive to determine the “relevancy to the case.” But she said unless they are required by law, “we are under no obligation to share our investigative tactics, processes, leads, evidence, etc. with anyone outside of the service.”

Gray said to do so “could compromise the integrity of the investigation and jeopardize our goal of reaching a successful conclusion.”

But what Greenspan was hoping for was feedback from the Toronto homicide squad of a certain kind. He and his team wanted to know if their ongoing private inquiries would impact what police were doing in their official investigation.  (more...)


Do Toronto police have a freemasonry problem? Honey's alma mater did.

crime accountability freemasonry police business justice

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