Saturday, March 16, 2019

How Argentine Nazis Flew Under the Radar: 'Circular 11'

Enable the closed caption feature on the above video to see the English translation.

Argentina was, and still is, the extension and continuation of the Third Reich. Why don't we understand this? They were clever:

  • Enact a secret law that forbids the immigration of Jews.
  • Shake down elderly Jews by allowing them to immigrate, provided they pay hefty bribes. Admit only Jews who are too old to procreate, so that they cannot be a demographic threat.
  • Allow in any and all Nazi war criminals and employ them in the police and military.
  • Support the Zionist state of Israel so that the local Jewish population is appeased and silenced.
  • Ensure that dissenters like Meir Lansky are promptly sent up the river, as a warning.
Does this provide any insight into the workings of the St. Gallen Mafia? Hint: St. Gallen was one end of a Nazi ratline that terminated in Buenos Aires.

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