Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Canada's Nazi Mansion: Martin Weiche kept Hitler's memory alive by styling his London estate after the Fuehrer's Bavarian retreat

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The stately home west of London, guarded by two Third Reich-style eagle statues, was once the sanctuary for one of Canada’s most radical and reviled Nazis.

It’s a place where a giant swastika was cut into the field out back, a place where Ku Klux Klansmen were allowed to burn their crosses.

Inside, lived a man who not only modelled the spread after Adolf Hitler’s Bavarian mountain home, but who also fought for Germany and spouted some of the Nazi regime’s most disturbing beliefs after finding new life in Canada following the Second World War.

“I am a Nazi, I am not a lunatic,” the late Martin Weiche once told a London divorce judge.

Now, Weiche’s sprawling property is in the middle of another controversy — a nasty family squabble, being played out in court, over his estate.

His widow, Jeannet, lives in the house on Gainsborough Rd., west of Hyde Park, a property the old Nazi designed and called “The Berghof” after Hitler’s own home in the Alps.  (more...)

Legacy of a Nazi money-man:

Who might be a beneficiary of Weich's largess?

Here it gets interesting, in a beancounter kind of way:

The kind of corporate sleight-of-hand worked by Weich to hide his financial and real assets from his progeny has also served untold sociopathic and criminal organizations. By the use of shell corporations, lobbyists and political parties can hide who is really paying the piper. Without effective accountability and transparency, Ontario has been subverted by secret societies and mafias. If Doug Ford is really interested in making government accountable to the people, he should tear the mask from Ontario's corporate shadow-world. Or, is he too close to some of the unsavory players pulling the strings of  the political puppet show?

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  1. I was born in 1953 and as a young child I remember seeing Martin Weiche the Nazi standing at the corner of Dundas & Richmond in London Ontario with a swastika on his arm handing out Nazi pamphlets (there was also a guy dressed like a woman on the other side of the street...no joke). I asked my mom who was in the army during WWII along with my dad as to why this Nazi is allowed to spread his Nazi material around like that. She said to ask dad.
    So my dad told me that Martin Weiche was too stupid to know that he is allowed to say whatever he wants to say because we won the war to protect everyone's freedom of speech because if we were not allowed to say anything we wanted to say then we wouldn't have been able to say "FREE THE SLAVES" and "GIVE WOMEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE" etc.
    Now days the cross dresser on the other side of the street gets a flag at city hall, a parade and the entire month of June to celebrate his/her's existence.
    Vets still get one day a year.
    And now we need hate speech control laws to control "dangerous" hate speech, like in some Orwellian Hell on earth?
    This world is wacked :)