Friday, June 22, 2018

Toronto's Nazi Thing: Ernst Zundel : “Gift to the World”

It beggars belief how ubiquitous Nazi subculture is in Toronto and other Canadian urban centres. My very first venture away from home landed me in a milieu of junior Arrow Cross, Iron Guard, and flat out Nazi zealots, eventually growing to include Banderists and Ustacha. My Eastern European background may have been a magnet for these types. As a young reservist proud of his unit's war record, it was inconceivable to me that the enemy was within the gates. Our regimental colours were nothing short of illustrious, and one of my Warrant Officers had fought in the famous Battle of Ortona. Although I had many Jewish friends, they tended to be creeped out by this odd collection. It took me a while to catch on, but eventually I had to acknowledge something was amiss, especially when the holocaust denial began to manifest. There seemed to be a cross-campus network including ratline kids, John Birchers and Zundel admirers. Many of these same people were recruited into Freemasonry, connecting them to like-minded Hirams across the city. And, the "Left" was very much in bed with this supposed "Right" end of the political spectrum. They included English Monarchists, feminists and gender-bending Cultural Marxists. The one thing I never encountered was a fellow Polish Catholic. We make crappy Bolsheviks, I guess. All of those "friends" were jettisoned, in time.

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