Thursday, October 5, 2017

'We have to be neutral': Canadian Forces warn members affiliated with radical groups

The Canadian Armed Forces are warning their personnel to be wary of associating with groups on social media, including Quebec's largest and most prominent far-right group.

"Being part of those movements is not something that's a part of our values," said Col. Paul Fuller.

An investigation by Radio-Canada found about 75 members of La Meute's private Facebook group are part of the Armed Forces, with some visibly identified by their military uniform.

La Meute, which has attracted more than 43,000 people to its Facebook group, is known for its public criticism of radical Islam and illegal immigration. Its three founders are ex-military.

Military members are forbidden to join organizations that don't respect the army's code of ethics.

"We have to be neutral when it comes to public opinion," said Fuller. "And we can't have personal opinions that go against our code of ethics and values."  (more...)


A historical portent:

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