Sunday, October 8, 2017

Howard W. Campbell Jr.' s Proposition

As bizarre as Howard's proposition sounds to those who've only studied history in state schools, the truth is that the allied nations accepted just such a proposition at the end of the war. Gestapo General Reinhard Gehlen persuaded the CIA to take the bait, and so began the cold war. The general worked in the employ of the CIA for a while, after which he restyled himself as an Evangelical pastor and joined up with Abraham Vereide's National Prayer Breakfast crowd. And, so began the religious right as we know it.

How did this happen? Simple. Everybody lied. In fact, they lied so consistently that they forgot how to discern the truth. Howard W. Campbell Jr. is a fictional exemplar of how America lost the plot. A synopsis of his sorry story can be found here:

You can get Vonnegut's novel baring Campbell's, and America's, soul here:

It's an excellent exploration of why you really don't want to lose integrity in politics, loyalties, beliefs, or religion. It's an exploration that would be most timely for Trumpian America.

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