Thursday, October 12, 2017

CSIS, RCMP accused of neglecting far-right threat

At around 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 29, at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec on the outskirts of Quebec City, the mosque’s parking lot was filling up for evening prayers. The centre is housed in a modern glass and steel office building, located on the corner of a busy thoroughfare.

At 7:50, a commotion was heard outside one of the entrances to the prayer room. There, two distant cousins, Mamadou Tanou Barry and Ibrahima Barry, were the first to be shot by a gunman, who then walked inside the room and continued his killing spree. It was all over in a few minutes - with six men dead and 19 wounded.

The suspect arrested was 27-year-old Université Laval student Alexandre Bissonnette, who is alleged to have been influenced by far-right and perhaps alt-right ideas.

In the minds of some, this deadly attack raised a question: while CSIS and the RCMP have spent years and vast sums spying on (and often harassing) Muslims, environmentalists, Indigenous and social justice activists, have they been overlooking a far more dangerous threat from the extreme right? After all, prior to the attack, Bissonnette was not even on the police’s radar.

“Just a simple counting of the number of active and visible and vocal right wing extremist groups in Canada show they are clearly more in-your-face and more visible than anything we see from Islamic extremists,” says Barbara Perry, a social scientist at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and an expert on Canada's extreme right.

“Again, just looking quantitatively at the number of incidents that we’ve been able to identify even in the last decade or decade and a half, the numbers (of far-right extremism acts) still outweigh the numbers of incidents associated with Islamic-inspired extremism.”  (more...)


  1. I forgot - Did you report on a black Sudanese man, Emanuel Samson living in the USA, who shot and killed a white Christian woman in the parking lot of her church in Tennessee on September 25th, and wounded many more in the church? He planned to kill more of those white elderly Christians he knew would be there, but was prevented by a heroic young Church usher. The black man is a declared leftist and white man hater. Did you report it?

    1. This article struck a chord with me because it corresponds with my own experience, which is likely a bit removed from yours. In addition to military service, I have worked within the defense contracting industry. My schooling was in applied sciences and engineering. In those environments, there were numerous individuals susceptible to right-wing ideologies. In the high-security environment I worked in, I had to hold a clearance that required being interviewed by a CSIS officer. The interview touched on the issue of political violence. He was a little surprised that I saw the extreme right as the greatest danger. My personal assessment has been corroborated by the experts, according to the above article. Sometimes our considered evaluations, based on lived experience, are on target. And, sometimes the media consensus is wrong -- like on abortion and same-sex marriage that are now supported by many in the Christian Right.

    2. At a time when white university professors and white kindergarten teachers alike teach white children that they are all racist, and that their Christian civilization is an oppressive, hetero-normative, minorities abusing system, at a time of enforced diversity employment quotas and affirmative action, of BLM violence and calls on violence in the streets, of polar bear hunting (a fun game played by blacks to knock out white people in the streets), I do not see a "rigid<' attachment to law and morality as a threat. This race-baiting politics by media, academia and our rulers, and the virtue signaling targeting innocent (of slave ownership, racism, privilege) white people (such as me and my family) radicalizes white people, especially the hated white heterosexual male. According to the FBI, a black man is 14 (or more) times more likely to kill another person than a white counterpart. They are many more times more likely to rape and rob. They are being taught from early childhood to hate whites, to feel entitled and reject responsibility. 70% of black babies are born to single mothers. And this is all supposed to be the white man's fault.

    3. This concentration camp was built by Heinrich Himmler in the place where my father played as a child:

      It's rather persuasive evidence that blacks are not nearly the worst oppressors of white people. As for university academics, I have my own dispute with them. I was astonished to find many of my college mates were the sons and daughters of Axis officials. Also, they were very proud of the ideology held by their forbears. Years later, I was horrified to learn that Canada had participated in Operation Paperclip and settled Nazis in Canada after the war. I continued to encounter the traces of this "ratline" throughout my professional career. I came to realize that my alma matter was engaged in laundering the reputations of Nazis -- sheep dipping them so they could infiltrate Canadian society. My American college don was likely a CIA asset shepherding these ratline kids through the process. Another project of that college was helping Henry Morgentaller set up his abortion clinic. Eugenics is central to Nazi ideology. About half of all abortions are performed on black children. This is a holocaust greater than the death of 6 million Jews and 2 million Polish Catholics in Nazi concentration camps. It is genocide by other means.

      Is this the crime of white people? Hitler had African, Arab, Turkish, and even Jewish troops. And, Russian, Serb, and Polish Slavs are white last time I looked. This is the crime of an ideology based on folk myths about some non-existent Aryan race. It's a cult that people of all colors have fallen for. You think you know what our rulers are thinking. I've known them -- lived in the same dormitory as them. They are Luciferian eugenicists -- population controllers and social engineers. Grasp that, and you realize that it is not about black vs white.