Friday, October 27, 2017

Civil society must step up to counter hate

Right-wing extremism is Canada’s number one domestic threat, but we have no organization to track and counter the more than 100 active hate groups in Canada. With no anti-racist watchdog organization, hate groups have had some success in putting on a façade of respectability, and have become part of our political landscape.

We need three things. First, we need in-depth and courageous reporting on these right-wing extremist groups. It takes little effort to expose their racism, and Canada’s media need to accurately characterize these hate groups. Second, we need leaders from every community to come together to counter the growing anti-Muslim and so-called alt-right movements that focus on Muslims, but are also anti-Semitic, anti-Black, anti-Sikh, etc. This is an opportunity for inter-community dialogue. Third, and most importantly, Canada needs a professional organization to track, document and counter right-wing extremism and racist groups.  (more...)


So-called "conservatives", pro-lifers and pro-family people: You are on notice. Brian Lilley set an example in distancing himself from closet Nazis pretending to speak for conservative. Liberals can hang themselves all they want -- I'll provide the rope to them. However, when conservatives let vermin into their ranks, I will bare my steel. I don't need people de-legitimizing my cause by appropriating it for their odious agendas. It's unfortunate that leaders in our movement have failed to be vigilant in this matter. That myopia is going to end. Family and life have always had the hearts and minds of the majority of Canadians. That democratic advantage has been sabotaged by the fascist fifth column among us. We will not regain our credibility until we rid ourselves of these parasites. A good house-cleaning is long overdue.

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