Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tired of Hearing How Splendiferous Luther Is? Let's Really Really Really PO Some Christian Zionists.

Martin Luther -- The Devil's Bagpipe
“I do insist,” Hitler once said, “on the certainty that sooner or later — once we hold power — Christianity will be overcome and the German church established. Yes, the German church, without a Pope and without the Bible, and Luther, if he could be with us, would give us his blessing.”

In these words, we see the ideological link between Luther’s revolution and Nazi thought. In the uprising of Germany, be it in the First World War or the Second World War, we see Luther at the heart of the ideological aspiration of imperialism, Darwinism, and the desire to exterminate and conquer one’s enemies. If Germany ever rises again as an enemy of humanity, Luther will be at the center its despotic reign of terror.

The biggest barrier between denying and believing that fascism can reemerge and take power in the world, is the idea that it can’t happen again in our own times; it is the assumption that we, because of all of our innovations and nuances, are somehow distinct from those who lived before us.

We live our lives reacting to the sudden occurrences to the world, as opposed to thinking and addressing as to why they happen, and who are behind them, and for what agenda. After the Second World War, a world order was established for the purpose of preventing something like it happening again. The biggest systems of this order are NATO and the EU, but now, because of dramatic changes in political climate, happening on account of mass immigration and economic predicaments, the world order established after World War Two, is fragmenting. With the disintegration of the world order, will come new unions, and new alliances formed under militaristic and expansionist aspirations.

In this in depth study, we will delve into how the current political climate is leading the world back to the despotism of the past, and the roots of the ideologies of ultra-nationalism, and how protestantism gave birth to Nazi thought and Social-Darwinism, and how eugenics influenced the Ottoman Empire in its massacre of the Armenians.  (more...)

No rapture is going to save anyone from this. The above was written by a Palestinian -- you know those folks who aren't supposed to exist. He defends the faith better than any Basilian, Jesuit, or Knights of Columbus I know. My town is a sanctuary city. Palestinians welcome. I'll welcome you, personally. Open a shop, you'll have my business.

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