Friday, February 17, 2017

Nancy Elgie resigns from York school board amid uproar over racial slur

Charline Grant, the parent who was the target of a racial slur uttered by trustee
Nancy Elgie, said it is time for the community to heal.
York Region trustee Nancy Elgie — who has clung to her position for weeks amid public furor over her use of a racial slur — is now stepping down, saying she “brought undeserved distress” to the community and harmed the school board’s reputation.

In a video statement posted on YouTube, a well-spoken Elgie said that over the past 17 years as a trustee, “I have always tried to make a difference, particularly for our most vulnerable children.”

She said using the word n----- to refer to a black parent, after a public meeting last November “was a terrible mistake.”

“So I have decided that the best thing I can do to serve the people of Georgina, and the board, is to step down. I hope that this will allow trustees to move forward and focus on the many important issues they face. And that it will enable a process of healing and restoration to begin. I am quite willing to be involved in that process, if it would be helpful, though it will not be as a trustee,” Elgie said in the video.

Charline Grant, the parent who was the target of the slur, said, “I appreciate her finally stepping down … (now) everyone can start to heal, not just myself, but the community.”  (more...)

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This is not only an issue for the political left. Conservative movements become undermined by closet Nazis who drive away people who would otherwise support them. This problem becomes especially acute when the leadership harbors an odious agenda. Parenthood should be the ultimate unifying factor in a community.

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