Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dismantle our school boards, ditch our trustees

Two mothers affected by racism in York Region schools, Jacqui Testoni, left,
and Charline Grant hug during a board meeting in Aurora.
Islamophobia struck a Quebec mosque this week.

But it touched the Toronto area long before — when a Markham school principal lashed out, last year, at Muslims online.

The latest massacre in Quebec brought Canadians together. But last year’s outbreak of prejudice in York Region has only pushed people apart.

Tragedy has a way of opening the heart, after the fact. Bigotry has a way of hardening the heart, in real time.

A bungled response from York’s school board, and its elected trustees, revealed not only religious discrimination but outright racism close to home. And speaks volumes about what’s wrong with our education system — systemic problems that require radical reform.  (more...)


Seeing the door hit the rears of the parasites on the boards would cheer many people, but it won't solve the fundamental problems in our society. The corporate backbone of Ontario's manufacturing and technology sector was deeply complicit in the rise of Nazi Germany and had close associations with European fascism. And, in an act of ultimate treason, the greed-crazed corporations were never prosecuted for their war crimes and co-operated in the ratlines and flight capital that poured Europe's postwar filth into our society and business culture. The false postwar boom, fueled by Europe's plundered wealth, ultimately ended in an explosion of corruption and greed. Canada now leads the world in nothing more than putrid ideologies and a desperate race to the bottom of the corporate tax shell game. Our people must refuse to acquiesce in this rape and regain its dignity. Free enterprise is not the same as corporate communism. And, the parental right to direct the education of children must no longer be crushed under the jackboot of Darwin, Dewey, and corporate foundations.

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