Monday, February 20, 2017

Catholic Masonry: "God, country and the Anvil!"

 El yunque: La ultraderecha en el poder

I agree to join the National Organization of the Anvil (also known as 'El Yunque,' or 'The Anvil' in Spanish), assuming the fight for the kingdom of Christ in Spain as the most important activity in my life. I swear to keep the existence of the organization absolutely secret, as well as its members, actions and strategies. I also swear to obey its commands and act responsibly as a leader when told to do so. As a Christian knight I pledge to defend, even at the expense of my own life, this tool that God has given us to establish his kingdom on Earth."

Sitting at the table of a Madrid café, this former activist of El Yunque, a secret Christian organization allegedly rooted in numerous Spanish far-right movements, rattles off the pledge of loyalty that he made years ago, which changed his life.

According to his testimony, the rite of initiation into this secret society is markedly military. "We're a militia" [...] "You haven't chosen to come here, you've been chosen, and as of today you will belong to a caste of the chosen. Our struggle is that of the crusades, of the Catholic militants." [...] "If you intend to betray us or ever stray from us in any way, you shall find in each and every one of us an avenging judge," warns the man officiating the initiation ceremony, which ends the following chant: "Comrades and brothers, stad firmus ut incus percusat!" ("Stand thou as a beaten anvil") followed by the shouts: "God! Country! Anvil!" accompanied by loud banging on the table.  (more...)


You're not supposed to know this.

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