Monday, February 13, 2017

Brownstone Operations: Sex Sting Blackmail Cartels

Brownstones are blackmail operations using children as the sexual objects by which the organisers blackmail whoever they want to blackmail. In the US there are probably brownstones in every county, and they are also worldwide in order to gain power and control.

Jeffrey Epstein was running one with Brit Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of disgraced newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell who stole peoples pensions and sold PROMIS spying software)

The same style of operation will be run in Britain by MI5 and an old example was at Kincora, although they will be much slicker by now. Britain will also be running them abroad via MI6, in cooperation with Gladio forces, Pinay Circle and maybe with or in opposition to the Knights of Malta Puppetmasters of Child Sexual Abuse – Le Cercle, Gladio, Knights of Malta and Opus Dei Networks

Other countries will all be running with their equivalents. Many different entities run them.

Although George has not mentioned it yet, certainly in the US and UK, children are being  stolen from families with the connivance of social services, courts, doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers and judges under the guise of forced adoption, and other techniques. This is supposedly in the “best interests of the child” and parents are gagged by courts from speaking out, again so the children are not identified, leaving parents helpless.


Is that your daughter, Jeff?

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