Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Frenzied Ontario Tory Fandance

Can't wait till I can shave
Amid the quips about “Doogie Howser, MPP,” a 19-year-old Progressive Conservative candidate is being taken very seriously at Queen’s Park.

Sam Oosterhoff, a first-year student at Brock University, jolted the Progressive Conservatives over the weekend by defeating PC Party president Rick Dykstra for the Niagara West-Glanbrook nomination.

He will carry the Conservative banner in the Nov. 17 byelection triggered by the retirement of former PC leader Tim Hudak, who was first elected two years before Oosterhoff was born.

Both the Liberals and the New Democrats privately admit it will be difficult to beat the teen Tory.

While they insist Liberal lawyer Vicky Ringuette and NDP retired police officer Mike Thomas are strong candidates, they concede Niagara West-Glanbrook is a PC stronghold.

Oosterhoff — who has ignored requests for media interviews since telling the Star on Sunday he was “really busy” and promised to be in touch on Monday — left it to PC Leader Patrick Brown to speak for him on Tuesday.  (more...)


In an era of child soldiers and boy prime ministers, Catholics are reminded of the youthful popes of the past. It wasn't a good reflection on the age. Perhaps a knowledge of history and ability to identify John Birchers and closet Nazis doesn't work too well for today's social conservatives. Folks like to believe their leaders are one of their own... and share common values.

We're not Bay St. bagmen. Luv is luv

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