Friday, October 7, 2016

Ontario teachers convicted of abuse would lose licence under bill

Education Minister Mitzie Hunter has revived legislation that would automatically force teachers out of the profession if they are convicted of sex abuse or child pornography offences — a bill that first surfaced three years ago but faced numerous delays.

“This legislation responds to the rare occurrence that may occur, and is making sure that we have a process that is decisive and moves quickly to take action on anything in a fair and transparent way,” she told the Star Wednesday before tabling the Protecting Students Act 2016.

“. . . My job now is to move it through our legislative process as quickly as possible . . . it is very important that our schools remain a safe and healthy environment.”

The legislation was first introduced in 2013 but died in 2014 because of the provincial election. It was brought back again in May of this year — just months before the legislature was prorogued.  (more...)



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