Monday, October 31, 2016

Commission may examine 300 more Irish tax rulings

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan with EU competition commissioner Margrethe
Vestager at a European Union finance ministers’ meeting in Luxembourg
EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager has refused to rule out further state-aid investigations into Ireland’s tax arrangements with multinationals, as the Government intensifies discussions with Brussels about the tax it must reclaim from computer giant Apple.

In an interview with The Irish Times, the Danish commissioner said her staff were assessing about 1,000 tax rulings from across Europe, up to 300 of which are understood to be from Irish tax authorities.

Ms Vestager defended her record Apple ruling, saying it was “fact-based”. She said the commission was well aware of the forthcoming appeal by the Government and was “very prepared” for the case.

The Attorney General is preparing an appeal to the European Court of Justice of the EU Commission’s finding that Apple benefited from up to €13 billion in illegal state aid. It is expected to be filed within the next three weeks.  (more...)


As this story unfolds, it brings to mind Ireland's embrace of Otto Skorzeny, bagman and money-launderer for Nazi war loot. Did the Irish have an "understanding" with the Underground Reich?

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