Sunday, October 23, 2016

'Amateur hour behaviour': School trustee selection process needs review, educator says

While there are plenty of school boards across Canada that practise good governance, there are too many examples of trustees displaying "amateur hour behaviour," Ontario's former deputy minister of education says.

Misspent money, poorly conceived contracts, directors getting paid more than they're allowed  — these are just some of the examples of mismanagement that result from bad board governance, Charles Pascal says.

In fact, he says it may be time to take a closer look at how we choose trustees.

"Are there other ways of ensuring better governance by how trustees are selected?" Pascal said.

The role of trustees came under scrutiny this past week following the decision by B.C.'s education minister to fire all nine of the Vancouver School Board's elected members after they refused to balance the board's budget.  (more...)


So, we asked bozos like these to defend the faith in Catholic schools. We really need to rethink. Cronyism and nepotism haven't worked too well.

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