Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dame Lowell Goddard's catastrophic leadership of the child sex abuse inquiry left staff feeling 'totally paralysed'

Dame Lowell Goddard ruled her inquiry like a 'monstrous tyrant' and finally quit in a fit of petulance before going out for lunch, it was claimed yesterday.

Her doomed reign was allegedly peppered with expletive-ridden tantrums and racist diatribes that left horrified staff feeling 'totally paralysed'.

But last night, the New Zealand judge issued a stinging rebuttal of the claims against her, adding that the lunch on the day she resigned was 'simply sandwiches' with her husband on his birthday.

She rejected accusations that she flew into rages at junior staff, insisting relations were so warm she even greeted the cleaner by name every day.

In a 1,600-word personal statement, Dame Lowell described a series of allegations about her 18-month leadership of the beleaguered child abuse inquiry as 'completely untrue'.

Her denials came after The Times published a damning account by insiders who said her tantrums rendered Britain's biggest ever public inquiry completely dysfunctional. The newspaper said she once threatened to go home unless she got her own way, allegedly bawling: 'I'm going to pack my bags, go back to New Zealand and take this inquiry down with me.'  (more...)

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