Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Art of the Cayman Deal: You Launder My Money, I'll Launder Yours

Offshore haven: George Town, Cayman Islands
15 May 2012 -- Exaro today publishes details of secret payments linked to a Saudi defence deal that went to two offshore accounts. our exposure of the payments revives allegations of massive bribes to secure defence sales to Saudi Arabia.

GPT Special Project Management, a British subsidiary of EADS, Europe's biggest defence company, is the prime contractor to supply high-tech communications equipment to the Saudi Arabian national guard in a 10-year programme reportedly worth £2 billion.

A financial officer working at GPT Special Project Management compiled the schedule of payments, valued in Saudi riyals, pounds sterling and euros.

The first section of the schedule, drawn from invoices and bank documents, shows payments made by GPT Special Project Management - between July 10, 2007 and April 24, 2009 - to Simec International, a company in the Cayman Islands.  (more...)

Down the rabbit hole:

A career in the military-industrial complex can offer unique opportunities. I narrowly escaped several such snares laid out for the unsuspecting nerd. I credit a young lady who squelched my youthful urges for adventure and fortune. I'm married to her now, whole and unscathed.

And, for desert:

Tasty, but a bit stale

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