Thursday, August 18, 2016

Disgrace that suspended cop's been collecting salary for 9 years

TORONTO - For a lucky nine years, Toronto Police Const. Ioan-Florin Floria has been sitting at home and drawing his salary while suspended from duty on allegations he used his position to assist his friends in an Eastern European drug cartel.

Almost a decade has passed since the former traffic cop was swept up in a shocking drug bust that saw the alleged kingpins of a Romanian gang under arrest for an international operation that swapped marijuana for cocaine.

Floria, a 34-year-old breath technician with eight years experience, was charged with numerous offences including breach of trust, money laundering and accessory after the fact to kidnapping. Police at the time said they were surprised when Floria’s name surfaced in association with some of the other accused in their eight-month investigation into the multimillion-dollar drug cartel.

Former chief Bill Blair could barely conceal his contempt at the time and assured the public that police corruption was not widespread. Floria would later complain that even his police association distanced itself and wouldn’t pay for his defence.  (more...)


What's going on here?

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